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Foothills     Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky         


"Ohio Star"

Quilt Square #


Location:  1305 Blluestone Rd.  (Rt. 377)


Directions: From Morehead, west 5 miles on US 60 then right 1.3 miles on KY 3319 N (Bluestone Road). Barn is at left, behind a garden and a house. A driveway just past the house leads to the barn.
(latitude and longitude): 38.185616  -83.495805 

Sponsor: Lucille Caudill Little Foundation Grant awarded to SEEC (Sheltowee Environmental Educational Coalition) to The Foothills Quilt Trail in Rowan County

Property Owners: Joan and Wendell Bush

Painted by: Foothills Quilt Trail Painting Team

Installed: June 16, 2008 by Richard Barker

Notes: Joan submitted an application for a barn quilt along with 3 quilt
she liked and wanted considered for the barn. The FQT Committee
chose to use the pattern Ohio Star.  She thought this pattern was quite
appropriate since two of the last three owners of the farm were
Ohioans.  Joan picked the colors of red, white, and blue because she
thought they'd be bright and really show up beautifully on the barn.
More importantly they would be seen easily from a distance. The starry
design drawn in the blue center was also a request by Joan as it was a
part of the original pattern. 

The farm was bought in 2005 in order for Joan to be near her  mother and
father, Sophia and Dewey Duff and her siblings Judy, Teresa, John and
Jennifer, who have lived in Morehead for 45 years. Joan and her husband
still live in Ohio and return to the farm whenever they get a chance.
Her son lives and works on the farm.

Their scenic farm, which overlooks the Bratton Branch valley below, is
approximately 50 to 63 acres and sits at the top of Bluestone Hill. The
farmhouse is nearly 100 years old but it's uncertain when the barn was
built. The barn has been used for cattle and tobacco and storing
hay.  The tornado of 12 years ago tore down other larger barns close by.

A total of 4 barn quilts can be viewed while on Bluestone Road. When
traveling north on KY 3319, beginning from US 60 West, one barn quilt
will be seen before Ohio Star then continuing on Bluestone Road there
are two more barn quilts before ending at the entrance to the Kroger

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