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   Kentucky  Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail


"Moon over the Mountain"

Quilt Square #60

Location:   Lyman Ginger Education Bldg. Morehead State University


Directions: On the campus of Morehead State University, Morehead, KY

Sponsor: College of Education at Morehead State University, Morehead KY 

Barn Owner: College of Education at MSU

Painted by: Foothills Quilt Trail Painting Team

Installed: October, 2008 by Physical Plant of MSU


Notes: The Education Department at MSU requested a quilt square and paid for its production and hanging. It symbolizes the rising of the people of the Eastern KY mountains in education. 

Ginger Hall Education Bldg. MSU


Built in 1968, this nine-story classroom and office building was named in honor of Dr. Lyman V. Ginger, former state school superintendent and former chair of the Board of Regents.  It houses the office of the dean of the College of Education.


Osborne Research Laboratory Located in Ginger Hall, this facility was named in 2004 in honor of Dr. Frank H. Osborne, former faculty member. 

Located in this facility

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