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Foothills Quilt Trail
in Rowan County, Kentucky

 Quilt Barn Squares sponsored by a grant from
The W.Paul and Lucille Caudill Little Foundation Inc.
to the Sheltowee Environmental Education Coalition for the 
Foothills Quilt Trail of Rowan County, KY

Fort Sumpter Dutch Dolls Dilithium Crystals Turtle Creek Mamaw's Log Cabin

Country Checkers

Round Robin

Ohio Star

Grandma's Fan Prosperity Murray's Mapleleaf Springtime Blossum Cathedral Window Floral Sunburst
Rocky Road to Dublin Horse and Hollyhock
Hearts of America


Pansy The Compass Old fashioned Double Wedding ring Rail Fence
Star of David Crow's Foot Shriners Scimitar Whirligig Drunkard's Path Four StarPatch Trip Around the World 

Country Kids

Interviews with the Quilters of Rowan County (see below)  Quilting Sculpture by Stephen Tirone  Location of quilt squares Map of  Quilt Trails School Curriculum Project Quilt Square Benches

Tilden Hogge Elementary School 


Nancy Sartor Web page

Nancy Sartor Movie on YouTube
Bet Ison You Tube Movie

Margaret Eldridge YouTube Movie

Dorothy DeBord YouTube Movie

Ruth Workman YouTube Movie

Linda Lowe YouTube Movie

Garnett JessieYou Tube Movie

More Quilt Barn Squares