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   Kentucky  Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail


  "Crow's Foot

    Quilt Square #82

Pattern: Crow's Foot
Location: 45 Eldridge-Oney Hollow
Geocode: 38.250065, -83.356297

Directions: From Morehead, east 6.4 miles on US-60 then left 0.7mile on Little Perry Rd., then left 0.1 mile on Oney Hollow Rd. Barn is at left beside the road.

Barn Owner: Earl & Nelliree Oney
Painted by: Donnie & Jenny Oney and Patty Hough
Installed: Dec. 14, 2009 by Earl Oney and his son Donnie Oney and Mike Haney
Sponsor: W. Paul & Lucille Caudill Little Foundation, Inc.

Nelliree and Earl Oney wanted a quilt block for their barn, and their children wanted to give it to them as a gift. However, they wanted to paint the block themselves. When their application to the Foothills Quilt Trail was approved, members agreed to supervise and allow the family to do their own work.

Nelliree’s favorite pattern is Turkey Tracks, but it had already been used on a quilt square under another name. She prefers pieced quilts over appliqué work. Crow’s Foot was her second choice, and she wanted it in bright contrasting colors. After choosing bright red, yellow, and green, her children began a block that took them less than two weeks to complete.

Crow’s Foot hangs on the Oney barn and can be seen from Little Perry Road. Earl’s parents, Tom and Rena Oney bought the farm in 1915. Earl was one of 16 children, and he bought the farm from the heirs in 1962. The original barn was built around 1926, but Earl tore it down and built a new barn to house tobacco in the 1980’s. The barn is now used for farm supplies and storage.

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