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   Kentucky  Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail


  "Drunkard's Path"

 Quilt Square #80

Drunkard's Path
370 Valley Road
38.233189, -83.503778

From Morehead, west 5.6 miles on KY 32 (Flemingsburg Rd.) then left (entrance to Pine Hills) 0.1 mile on Jackson Dr. Then cross bridge and go left 0.3 mile on Valley Rd. to end of road. Barn is on the hill about halfway up the driveway to the Ousley home.

Barn Owner:
Paul & Gail Ousley

Painted by: Gail Ousley & the FQT Quilt Painting Team
Installed: Dec. 12, 2009 by Bobby Hall
Sponsor: W. Paul & Lucille Caudill Little Foundation, Inc.

Notes: When the two panels of this quilt square was being hung, Paul had to call his wife to come down to the barn because they just couldn't figure how the panels were to go - couldn't get them to match up.

Drunkard’s Path has always been a favorite quilt pattern of Gail Ousley because there are so many different “looks” one can get from the same pattern by arranging the pieces in different designs. Gail’s mother, Carolyn Crosthwaite, pieced a Drunkard’s Path quilt and had it quilted for Gail’s daughter Beth several years ago. When Gail submitted her application for a barn quilt, she had a Drunkard’s Path pieced ready for quilting. She is in the process of hand quilting it herself. Though her quilt has multiple bright colors, she and the painters chose a simple arrangement with fewer colors for her barn. Though she was open to other suggestions, she wanted the Drunkard’s Path for her barn block.

The Ousley’s bought their farm from the Reeds in 1967. Although a new barn was built in 1992, the old barn was not torn down until 3 years ago. The new barn was used originally to house tobacco. In addition to proudly displaying her favorite quilt pattern, the barn now serves as storage for some farm equipment and hay and sometimes a mother cow and her newborn baby calf.

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